The 6 Key Points For Creating An Electrician’s Website

The number of web searches is increasing a little more every day. Like many professionals, electricians must have a website worthy of the name to make themselves known. An electricity company that does not have a website, with some exceptions, puts a bullet in the foot and takes a risk with its long-term sustainability. Only controlled visibility on the internet can ensure a renewal of its customers.

Competition is fierce in the field of electricity, and many colleagues around you are ready to go ahead to get a job. It is with a website that is well positioned on Google and perfectly reflects your field of activity that you will make the difference. Are you doing new or renovating? Do you install home automation systems? What suppliers do you offer? All these questions about you are answered through your website. Customers who contact you already know who they’re dealing with.

Your future customers are reassured by what they will find with you and already know who you are working with. Do you also have a certification? Are you able to take on my work from A to Z? Where do you involve subcontractors? In short, when your future client comes into contact with you, he is already ready to trust you and work with your company.

An electrician with a beautiful, well-referenced Google website showcasing his skills is sure to get new leads. In addition, unlike a salesperson, there are no social charges to pay with his website to bring in new contacts. He’s a salesperson who works for you 24/7 and doesn’t take vacations.

It is possible that one of your suppliers has referenced you on their site, but this has nothing to do with a real site that you own. Or, you don’t have time to take care of it: you think, wrongly, that setting up a website takes time. The answer is yes initially, but once in place, it runs almost automatically. More likely still, you got “ripped off” by an unscrupulous company a few years ago, and it “healed” you. Unfortunately, as in all trades, there are black sheep.

How to find the ideal partner for the design of your electrician website?

It must be close to your company both physically and in the common values ​​that you share. Only a person with whom you feel well taken in hand will reassure you and will allow the success of your project. Just as we look at reviews about you, do the same for it. What clients does he work with? Does he have any site achievements to show you? Does it follow up with advice? In addition to the realization of your site, does it improve its positioning on search engines? Look for the ideal service provider, the web agency that will understand you and keep it as an ally in the development of your business.

The six key points to respect for the creation of your electrician site in 2020

1 / Your site must be “responsive design”. That is to say, it must adapt to the devices on which it is consulted; computer, tablet, smartphone

2 / The hosting of the site must be efficient, and your site must load quickly. This is one of the main criteria for good positioning on Google.

3 / You must provide all the information about your company from the home page. Hours, contact, address, telephone, all of your services and certifications. The home page should be a summary of your site

4 / You must inform your area of ​​intervention and define it perfectly to maintain your margins and be competitive.

5 / You are invited to use a keyword in your 3w domain name (ex: martin-electricity) if possible

6 / You must be well referenced on Google according to your activity and your area of ​​intervention.